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Avril Lavigne Childhood and Family

Avril Lavigne was born in the town of small, Napanee, Ontario in a Christian family environment. Avril in singing ability has been known since he was 2 years old, when her mother said that Avril has begun to sing spiritual songs in church. The family moved to Napanee Avril when he was 5 years old. In 1998, Lavigne won a competition to sing in an official tour of the Canadian singer, Shania Twain. Avril sings the song titled Shania What Made You Say That.

When Avril before 16 years of age, he was registered by Ken Krongard, an artist and journalist, representative of the Arista label. Ken invited Antonio "L.A." Reid to listen to the song of Avril disebuah Peter Zizzo's studio in New York. Next Avril Lavigne complete contracts album, Let Go.

Avril Lavigne Family :

     * John Lavigne (father)
     * Judy Lavigne (mother)
     * Matt Lavigne (brother)
     * Michelle Lavigne (younger sister)
     * Vitha Lavigne (younger sister)

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