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Background and Process of Goodbye Lullaby Album

Background and Process of Goodbye Lullaby Album -> In November 2008, a month, began after the end of her The Best Damn Tour, Lavigne with the first recording of their fourth studio album. The first recordings were made with a minimum of musical instruments, mostly Lavigne sang only when accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The additional instruments were added later.

Lavigne described the process as follows: down, "It's stripped. I love performing that way, so I really felt like it was time to make a record like that. . To just make it all about the vocal and the performance, and the vibe, and the emotion "(German:" They (the songs) are quite naked, I like to include in this way, so I really felt that. It was time to take such a plate. It has to come all by voice, the performance and the mood and emotions. ")

Since she has a studio in her home, Lavigne in a position that was to compose songs in their spare time and record. She used most of a piano to compose the songs. "The piano is more of an emotional instrument. It evokes different emotions for me and moved me in a different way than it can the guitar. "By July 2009, nine songs recorded, including songs Fine, Everybody Hurts and Darlin '. Some songs Lavigne had already written in her youth, it was Darlin ', the second song that Lavigne than 15 years of home town Napanee, Ontario wrote.

    "I always had material, but some people that I worked with did not really care, because they wanted to write the stuff."

    "I always had the material, but some people with whom I worked, were not interested, because they wanted to write this stuff myself."

    - Avril Lavigne: Entertainment Weekly

Lavigne said that this album will be different than their previous posting works: "The other albums I've done, the songs are all over the place. This is the most consistent album all the way through "(German:".. The other albums that I've made, and the songs are in the past, this is all the way through the most consistent album.)

The entire track list on 21 Announced in December 2010. It was also announced that two songs from the album, and Goodbye 4 Real, were even written by Lavigne and produced. The remaining songs were either written by Lavigne itself or with the long-term employees Evan Taubenfeld, Butch Walker and Max Martin. Lavigne described the addition that her vocals are the most important musical instrument for it was during the recording of "anchors the vocals are usually in one piece and then you can see the quality, character and emotions no longer listen to a particular point source. My voice should be the main instrument for me. "

From August 2010 Lavigne worked together with producer Alex Da Kid and took with him a few songs. In November 2010, the British producer said that some elements of the songs on the album Hip-Hop will include:

    "We've got some things that are hip-hop leaning, and we've got some things that are more pop / rock leaning."

    "We have some things that most hip-hop, and some things that are more on the pop / rock inspired."

In December 2010 it was announced that would not appear by Alex Da Kid-produced songs on the album, but Lavigne says of the songs, "we will do something with this stuff, but I'm still not sure what."

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