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Goodbye Lullaby Publication and Promotion

The publication dates of the album and the first single was postponed several times. The album was originally on 17 November 2009 appear. Later, in January 2010, Lavigne said that the album's cover has already been photographed and that the first single was released in April, followed by the album in June.

In May 2010, Lavigne was known, however, she was unhappy with the musical direction of the recorded songs, as she appear too serious and mature. The album will appear only after changes, including further work in the studio are required.

In August 2010, Lavigne returned back with her producer Alex Da Kid in the Henson Recording Studios. There Lavigne had a sore throat, forcing the involved persons who face mask. Despite the warnings of her doctor she recorded her singing. "I was not able, in the past 48 hours to sing, because I could cause permanent damage to the vocal cords. I sang today, even though I had advised my doctor about it." Lavigne revealed that she had tried "new things" and that some "studies" have. The singer added that she had enough material for two music albums.

On 11 October, she stated on its website that the project has been completed after two years on the fourth studio album Goodbye Lullaby. In contrast, Lavigne was announced in November that her album is completed in a year. She made the record company responsible for the delays of the album.

Lavigne was the first single from What The Hell New Year's Eve when Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin 'Eve, while a composite piece Girlfriend with a performance of the song:

"[What the Hell is] a really fun, upbeat party song, so it worked out really well to play it for the first time on 'New Year's Rockin' Eve."

The next day the song for 48 hours as a free download on Lavigne's official Facebook page was not available. The music video for the single was shot in January 2011.

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