11:18 AM

What the Hell Music video

The video, directed by Marcus Raboy, begins with Lavigne in lingerie lying in bed with her love interest, played by Spencer Hill. She walks over to a mirror, and applies her two fragrances, Black Star and Forbidden Rose. Lavigne locks her love interest in a walk-in closet, and leaves the house. She walks down the road, and steals a taxi. 

As Lavigne's lover chases her on a bike, she gets out of the taxi, which crashes into another vehicle. As Lavigne plays in a basketball court at the Sixth Street Viaduct, her love interest is still chasing her. She runs into an Abbey Dawn store, which leads to a venue. Lavigne's mother, Judy, makes a cameo appearance in the video as a store clerk. Lavigne climbs on stage and begins performing with her band. She stage dives, and the video ends with Lavigne and her love interest again lying in bed.

The video made its television debut on 23 January 2011, on ABC Family and on UK music channel 4Music.

The New York Post criticized the video with its product placement for Sony and Abbey Dawn

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