11:44 AM

Avril Lavigne's Fifth Album in The Process

Avril Lavigne's Fifth Album in The Process - Avril Lavigne has just released his fourth album on 2 March. However, the singer of 'What the Hell' it does not seem like too long to release another album.

Currently Lavigne admitted that she had made ​​some songs for his fifth album. This was revealed the singer's birth 27 September 1984 to answer the questions fans.

"I've made eight songs. I wanted to release fifth album quickly," he said.

Avril fifth album will be slightly different from previous albums. She wants to always provide a wide range of musical colors to the fans not to get bored.

"This time will be more mellow, and the next album will be more pop. I already know what song would I make a single, I just record it," said Avril.

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