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Avril Lavigne Being a Pizza Names

Avril Lavigne Being a Pizza Names - Artist so the name perfume? It is typical. If they become a brand name of a musical instrument? More regular again. But if that is certainly not unusual, because Avril Lavigne actually be the name of the pizza!

This young Canadian singer had told me that people in the place of origin, Napanee, very proud of her achievement. In fact, a local restaurant to 'borrow' his name to be used as the name of a pizza.

"I come from a small town and always trying to get home as best I could. And the people in there always look after me well. I guess they are proud to have one of them can succeed. There is a pizza restaurant in downtown where I usually visit while still in high school. and they transform the restaurant into themed Avril. there's even a pizza that use my name, with my favorite toppings, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, "explained the singer of What the Hell is.

In addition to dishes named after his achievement, in the same occasion Avril also said that she likes to cook British food, though she was from Canada. "I may be Canadian, but I can cook most British Sunday roast. My mother cooked every night when I was little and one of the most kumasak is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The bigger, I know many mothers who cook the UK. I like Yorkshire and make it fluffy cooked perfectly, " she continued.

Avril himself also claimed to always spend time to shop and cook time schedule in the music world was so consuming. "I like doing homework. It's my way of resting. After months of touring and promotion, I just want to stay home and be normal. Beaches, cooking and cooking is my way of relaxing. I like to invite some friends and cheer, cook some Italian cuisine and opened the bottle (drink), " she concluded.

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