11:27 PM

Gothic House Avril Lavigne

Gothic House Avril Lavigne (Dream Home Concept of Avril Lavigne) - We certainly want a home that makes us feel safer and more comfortable than anywhere else. However, another case that Avril Lavigne has just challenged him to buy a gothic house of 12,000 m2 in Los Angeles in 2010.

Multitalented artist born in Canada on 27 September 1984 was told Rolling Stone magazine that he changed his concept into a gothic castle medieval European style.

"(There are) lots of candles and red curtains tadpoles. My bed room is dominated by pink and black, my bathroom is filled with Hello Kitty, I also had a big red sofa and a large antique gold salip," Avril description.

Can certainly imagine the uniqueness of the house's version of Avril Lavigne. It is extraordinary breadth and concept! Well, that probably makes goose bumps. "My house is really huge! That scared me!" Avril said.

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