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Avril Lavigne Make Kylie Jenner As Model

Avril Lavigne Make Kylie Jenner As Model - Avril Lavigne's decision to use Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian sister of long tails. Criticized the fashion industry and regretted Avril choosing Kylie, who was 14 years old to become a model of a collection owned by Lavigne, Abbey Dawn at New York Fashion Week.

Designers Council of the United States of America (CFDA) has previously asked the designers to use only models that have been aged 16 years and older to prevent teenage girls growing up too fast. CFDA's campaign has received support from several prestigious modeling agency in the U.S..

"Famous designers have a responsibility to protect women. Every teenage girl in general in this business. "Said Steven Kolb, head of the CFDA as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday, September 15, 2011. While the fashion among bloggers, Avril actions could hurt the hearts of the young model who was building a career from the bottom.

Avril did not respond to the criticism given to him. And give praise to Kylie, who is also the sister of the beloved Broody Jenners. "She did well. I think he got kemampuabn. He was the youngest of his brothers and I like his talent. "Said Avril. Kardashian family itself is at the edge of the catwalk to give encouragement to Kylie when she performed.

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