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Cause Breaking Avril Lavigne, Because Molester?

Avril Lavigne has been divorced from Deryck Whibley. However, it did not take long for Avril find substitute the figure of her ex-husband. Reportedly, Avril has been in the same house with Brandon Davis.

Avril reportedly has sold her old house is occupied with Deryck and intend to buy a new house. However, the new house will not be occupied solely by the Canadian singer. Blonde-haired singer will occupy its new home with actor Brandon Davis.

During this time, Brandon was still living with his family in Bel-Air Mansion. Avril invites Brandon to live in the same house with him.

This couple is busy looking for a home in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills this weekend.

Avril proximity to Brandon's news is not the first time only. That said, both have started to close since last December. Divorce Avril trigger them to come closer to Brandon. And their relationship up a level from the previous.

"Avril and Brandon are not sure which would be brought into relationship. But Brandon had never lived with a woman before. So this will be a big commitment," he said.

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