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Avril Lavigne Concert in Jakarta (Indonesia), May 11, 2011

Avril Lavigne concert in Jakarta (Indonesia), May 11, 2011. With a black shirt and leggings that combined color matching boots, Avril Lavigne looks feminine and mature while greeting fans in Kartini Expo, Jakarta, May 11, 2011. Much different than when menghelat first concert six years ago at the Tennis Indoor, Complex Bung Karno.

At the time, singer from Ontario, Canada, is still very sloppy and perfunctory in clothes. It may also make it as a mature age. But, whatever the outfit worn, one thing has not changed from the former wife of punk band Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley it: energy.

During the concert titled Black Star Tour 2011 which lasted two hours in front of about four thousand fans, the singer born 27 September 1984 was not only hit the stage with a unique vocal character. But it also demonstrated his ability to play the guitar and piano. A rare skill possessed by a female soloist.

"I never thought I could go back to Jakarta. It's nice to come back with you," said The Pop-Punk Princess, which was immediately greeted by hysterical screams of his fans who dominated teenage girl.

In the event that was held to promote his fourth album titled "Goodbye Lullaby" was, Avril began appearing on at 8 PM is not langgsung kicked off with the upbeat song as the music was characterized over the years. Instead he chose Black Star from her latest album is sweet rhythmic as the opening.

Avril was also picked up a flashlight shaped like a wand of the fairy star. He then? Continued appearance by singing songs mainstay of a new album titled What The Hell. "Let's sing together. This is a song from my latest album release last March," he said.

Next, he returned his memory of his fans with the song Sk8er Boi of stomping. The song was taken from her first album, Let Go. This song catapulted the name of Avril in the world music stage. The song was immediately greeted by the fans to scream and leap.

Not only the material first and the fourth album of the display on the stage. Of the total eighteen songs sung, Avril also insert a number of songs from her second album (Under My Skin) and third album (The Best Damn Thing).

Concert in Indonesia ranks sixth in the series of Black Tour concert in Asia. "Before appearing in Jakarta, he was more used to entertaining fans in Singapore (May 9). Next he will perform in Taipei (May 13).

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