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Avril Lavigne, Goodbye Skater Style (Punk Princess)

Avril Lavigne, Goodbye Skater Style (Punk Princess) - Emerged as a teen idol with a bachelor's Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne spread the "virus" of new dress styles, a combination of skaters, street syle, gothic, and a touch of girly. But now, with age, the style of Avril become more mature and feminine.

"When I was young, I'm glad stylish skater style and that style becomes a trend. But now I've grown up and I do not deny that I like other women who like to dress and beautiful shoes, "said Lavigne.

Furthermore, Canadian singer also said that the clothing styles change with increasing age.

"I am aware, my style changed and I feel it was fair, part of the maturation of self," continued the Complicated singer.

1984-born singer admitted, change the style of dress more or less influenced fashion line which she wrestled. In 2008, Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn released, fashion line aimed at young people. Abbey name taken from a childhood that is often invoked Lavigne Abbey by his friends.

Abbey Dawn also briefly entered the video game Stardoll, to dress the character of the game a la Avril Lavigne. In addition, Abbey Dawn also had exhibited at New York Fashion Week in 2009.

"The inspiration for Abbey Dawn came from my personal life and style. When I was crazy about the style of punk and rock n roll, the element is visible in the Abbey Dawn collection. But I'm not a big fan of feminine style with floral motifs everywhere. I prefer to combine lines or motif style graphics with something girly, something I want to wear, "explained the singer's full name is Avril Lavigne Ramona Whibley.

Theresa Shirley, caregivers section of the site factoidz fashion. com says, stands out as an idol Avril youth because his style is unique.

"At the moment the pop princess barbie style like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore dominates, Avril Lavigne emerged as an antithesis to the contrasting styles through a combination of punk and street style," says Shirley.

In addition, Shirley also said that Lavigne maintain its niche fashion by appearing in their personal style at every opportunity.

"Despite the red carpet was on the mat, where all of a sudden celebrity look glamorous, Avril is still consistent with a touch of girly punk and goth that makes it stand out," he explained.

Of course we remember clearly the style of Lavigne at the beginning of his musical career, when he launched the first album "Let Go" in 2002.

Tie hanging loosely over shirt slim bersiluet combined with baggy pants accented chain. Long blond hair flowing straight with a slight highlight the contrast in the fringe. Thick eyeliner and mascara to be a major makeup. However, yesterday at the concert at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Lavigne looks different, more mature.

Wearing her own design collection of Abbey Dawn, Lavigne looked casual in a black-and-white palette. Graphic motif that became the design strength of Abbey Dawn is shown through a series of graphic images that form the initials AD pin combined with pencil pants and boots.

Outside the concert, Lavigne is still carrying the edgy style with a touch of punk-rock. Still, he managed to show his maturity by showing nan girly feminine side. Gone was the style of "baggy sk8ter Boi" as well as accessory skull.

Instead, Lavigne is now often use a gown decorated with lace. However, the "rebel" Lavigne remained on the eye makeup smokey eyes. As for the wedding with Deryck Whibley, Sum 41 frontman brand, Lavigne chose a la Cinderella romantic style despite the grunge still be disclosed through the Gothic-style interior.

Lavigne also showed he was not afraid of sensual style. Moulin Rouge style lingeriechicala dijajalnya had while doing a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine. Far from the chains and skulls, Lavigne posing sensual with 40s-style hair, wearing black lingerie and stilettos. In another photo, see Lavigne poses leaning on the refrigerator wrapped in satin lingerie.

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