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Avril Lavigne Losing Voice When the Concert in London

Avril Lavigne Losing Sound When the Concert in London - The voice is the main capital for a singer. However, what happens, if the singer lost her voice? Avril Lavigne That's what happened during a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, London recently.

As a result, the concert was stopped. Avril voice loss, not one adverse event that occurred in the concert. The concert was delayed about 30 minutes on the grounds of technical errors. About what happened at the concert, Avril had apologized to her fans via Twitter.

"I had a bad day just before the show that made me afraid," writes 26-year-old singer, 22 September. "I feel very sad, but I want to thank the fans who can understand and always there for me. I love you all more than you know."

In Facebook, the singer of the single "Wish You Were Here" was also informed that there is a security breach. Now, the problem is being dealt with the authorities.

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