5:30 AM

Avril Lavigne Launch Abbey Dawn New Collection

Avril Lavigne Launch Abbey Dawn New Collection - Avril Lavigne has made his own fashion line called Abbey Dawn issued a new collection for Spring 2012.

Abbey Dawn's Spring 2012 collection fashion show held at the Metropolitan Pavilion Style-360. Places that have displayed the splendor of other fashion shows like Kim Kardashian to Bebe in 2010.

The models shown include Kylie Jenner, which is Lavigne's half-brother lover. Meanwhile, Avril during a press conference said "the show this time a fashion show fashion shows are energetic,"

Because Lavigne skater known for its unique style that is girlnya printed t-shirts with skinny jeans hoodies. And a little surprise because there is also a collection of high heels at this time. Additionally shorts still dominate the design of Avril Lavigne.

Avril Lavigne does not stop with just designing women's clothing and accessories. She will also issue a menswear collection for its debut. Avril will work with Kohl for the collection of these sister.

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